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what is ketamine infusion

•    Friendly staff will greet you and promptly take you back to a private room

•    You will sit in a comfortable electric recliner with the options of a blanket, lighting, music, and nature scenery

•   The doctor will meet with you to answer any questions to tailor therapy to your individual needs

•    A trained provider will start an IV using a small gauge needle through which the medication will be infused.

•    The infusion will take 30-45 mins during which you will relax and/or sleep with minimal interruptions and continuous monitoring.

•    You may experience a lightheaded or dizzy sensation at the beginning of the infusion. This is the normal expected effect from ketamine. If you experience agitation, we can administer additional fast-acting medications to counteract that.

•    After the infusion is complete, you will remain in the recliner for up to 30 minutes while you recover.

•    Trained Staff will give you a beverage and then help you transition to your transportation home. You will need someone to pick you up. Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow patients to drive themselves following their appointment and you should not drive for the rest of the day.

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