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Las Vegas mental health

Meet The Team

Rich military veteran

Richard Bennett M.D., D.ABA Anesthesiologist/Owner

Richard Bennett MD is a board-certified Anesthesiologist who trained at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas where he gained extensive experience treating victims of IED blasts and other war trauma. It was there that he saw how veterans with chronic pain, depression, and opioid dependence achieved significant improvement in their symptoms with ketamine infusions. Since graduating residency, he has served as the Anesthesiologist on a USAF Special Operations Surgical Team, providing austere surgical capability to American and coalition special operations units.

FInal 2.jpg
Adam military veteran

Adam Fisher

Business Manager/Owner

Adam Fisher graduated from Brigham Young University in 2001 with a degree in Sociology and is a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force. He first served as a pilot training instructor in the T-6 Texan II and later flew A-10s with deployments to Afghanistan and South Korea. Adam fully understands the stress and pressure of combat and is familiar with coping with and helping others through mental health challenges. As a previous project manager for multi-million dollar Air Force construction projects, he excels at organization and management, making him a good fit for managing Las Vegas Ketamine.


Sariah Fisher

Financial Officer/Owner

Sariah Fisher attended Brigham Young University on a full music scholarship and later attended Weber State University where she majored in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is the mother of 5 and has been a military spouse for 20 years with moves to multiple military locations. As a survivor of severe childhood abuse, Sariah is an active spokesperson for, and personally familiar with, the benefits that Ketamine Infusion Therapy can have on reducing the symptoms and difficulties that come from PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. Her life experience makes her a valuable asset to Las Vegas Ketamine.

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Brityn U.S. Forest Service firefighter

Brityn Bennett BS, MS

Marketing Manager/Owner

Brityn Bennett saw firsthand the needs of our veteran population while working for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Spending time with these veterans, many of whom suffer from mood disorders and chronic pain, gave her valuable insight which she used effectively to provide support and lobby for their care in Washington DC. Prior to this, she served in the US Forest Service as a wildland firefighter/rappeler for four seasons. She witnessed multiple traumatic events and is aware of the burden of PTSD that many public servants carry. This experience, combined with her writing and organizational skills gained while studying English as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, and Library & Information Science as a graduate student at Catholic University of America, make her an invaluable asset to the clinic.

Brityn 2021
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